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Conference Program

Online video conference (zoom)

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Date April 15, 2020 April 16, 2020
April 15, 2020
Welcome Session
Keynote Speaker: António Pascoal
[Chair: José Cascalho]
Coffee Break
Session 1: Assistive Robotics
[Chair: Brígida Mónica Faria]
9:30-9:42 An Inertial Data-Based Upper Body Posture Recognition Tool: A Machine Learning Study Approach Sara M. Cerqueira, Luís Moreira, Luís Alpoim, Alexandre Silva and Cristina P. Santos
9:42-9:54 Assist-as-needed Impedance Control Strategy for a Wearable Ankle Robotic Orthosis João Lopes, Cristiana Pinheiro, Joana Figueiredo, Luís P. Reis and Cristina P. Santos
9:54-10:06 Design and technical validation of a wearable biofeedback system for robotic gait rehabilitation Cristiana Pinheiro, João M. Lopes, Joana Figueiredo, Luís M. Gonçalves and Cristina P. Santos
10:06-10:18 AI-based Reference Ankle Joint Torque Trajectory Generation for Robotic Gait Assistance: First Steps Luís Moreira, Sara M. Cerqueira, Joana Figueiredo, João Vilas-Boas and Cristina P. Santos
10:18-10:30 A Modular Framework to Facilitate the Control of an Assistive Robotic Arm Using Visual Servoing and Proximity Sensing Edwin Daniel Oña, Bartek Łukawski, Alberto Jardón and Carlos Balaguer
Coffee Break
Session 2: Multiagent / Learning
[Chair: Luís Paulo Reis]
10:45-10:57 Humanoid Robot Kick in Motion Ability for Playing Robotic Soccer Henrique Teixeira, Luís Paulo Reis, Tiago Silva and Miguel Abreu
10:57-11:09 Competitive Deep Reinforcement Learning over a Pokémon Battling Simulator David Simões, Simão Reis, Nuno Lau and Luís Paulo Reis
11:09-11:21 Strategy Planner: Enhancements to support better defense and pass strategies within an LfD approach Marco A. C. Simões, Jadson Nobre, Gabriel Sousa, Caroline Souza, Robson M. Silva, Jorge Campos, Josemar R. Souza and Tatiane Nogueira
11:21-11:33 Multi-Agent Optimization for Offshore Wind Farm Inspection using an Improved Population-based Metaheuristic Renato Jorge Silva, Pedro Nuno Leite and Andry Maykol Pinto
11:33-11:45 Path Planning for ground robots in agriculture: a short review Luís C. Santos, Filipe N. Santos, E. J. Solteiro Pires, António Valente, Pedro Costa and Sandro Magalhães
Session 3: Classification
[Chair: Armando Mendes]
13:30-13:42 Deep-Learning based Global and Semantic Feature Fusion for Indoor Scene Classification Ricardo Pereira, Nuno Gonçalves, Luís Garrote, Tiago Barros, Ana Lopes and Urbano J. Nunes
13:42-13:54 Detection of Data Matrix Encoded Landmarks in Unstructured Environments using Deep Learning Tiago Almeida, Vítor Santos, Bernardo Lourenço and Pedro Fonseca
13:54-14:06 Fashion Landmark Detection and Category Classification for Robotics Thomas Ziegler, Judith Butepage, Michael C. Welle, Anastasiia Varava, Tonci Novkovic and Danica Kragic
14:06-14:18 Performance Analysis on Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation with multivariate Training Procedures Bernardo Lourenço, Vítor Santos, Miguel Oliveira and Tiago Almeida
14:18-14:30 Real-Time 3D Door Detection and Classification on a Low-Power Device João Gaspar Ramôa, Luís A. Alexandre and S. Mogo
Session 4: Industrial Robotics
[Chair: António Paulo Moreira]
14:30-14:42 A Hybrid Framework for Uncertainty-Aware Depth Prediction in the Underwater Environment Filipe Marques, Filipa Castro, Manuel Parente and Pedro Costa
14:42-14:54 Enhanced Performance Real-Time Industrial Robot Programming by Demonstration using Stereoscopic Vision and an IMU sensor Vítor H. Pinto, António Amorim, Luís Rocha and António P. Moreira
14:54-15:06 Supporting the Design, Commissioning and Supervision of Smart Factory Components through their Digital Twin André Martins, Hugo Costelha and Carlos Neves
15:06-15:18 Multi-Layered Multi-Robot Control Architecture for the Robocup Logistics League José Carlos González, Ángel García-Olaya and Fernando Fernández
15:18-15:30 GEOMOVE: Detached AGVs for Cooperative Transportation of Large and Heavy Loads in the Aeronautic Industry Carlos Rizzo, Angel Lagraña and Daniel Serrano
Coffee Break
Session 5: Interaction
[Chair: Carlos Cardeira]
15:45-15:57 Towards long term acceptance of Socially Assistive Robots in retirement houses: use case definition Ana Iglesias, Raquel Viciana-Abad, Jose Manuel Perez-Lorenzo, Karine Lan Hin Ting, Alberto Tudela, Rebeca Marfil, Álvaro Dueñas and Juan Pedro Bandera
15:57-16:09 Human-aware Robot Navigation based on Time-dependent Social Interaction Spaces: a use case for assistive robotics A. Vega Magro, L. V. Calderita, P. Bustos and P. Núñez
16:09-16:21 Overcoming Data Scarcity in Speaker Identification: Dataset Augmentation with Synthetic MFCCs via Character-level RNN Jordan J. Bird, Diego R. Faria, Cristiano Premebida, Anikó Ekárt and Pedro P.S. Ayrosa
16:21-16:33 Spoken language understanding for social robotics Cristina Romero-González, Jesus Martínez-Gómez and Ismael García-Varea
16:33-16:45 Driverless Wheelchair for Patient's On-Demand Transportation in Hospital Environment André Baltazar, Marcelo R. Petry, Manuel F. Silva and António Paulo Moreira
16:45-16:57 Controller for Real and Simulated Wheelchair With a Multimodal Interface Using Gazebo and ROS Ana Beatriz Cruz, Armando Sousa and Luís Paulo Reis
Small Coffee Break
Session 6: Learning / Control
[Chair: José Lima]
17:00-17:12 Parameterized Wavelets for Convolutional Neural Networks D. D. N. De Silva, H. W. M. K. Vithanage, S. A. Xavier, I. T. S. Piyatilake and S. Fernando
17:12-17:24 Multimodal Deep-Learning for Object Recognition Combining Camera and LIDAR Data Gledson Melotti, Cristiano Premebida and Nuno Gonçalves
17:24-17:36 Adaptive Fuzzy Type-2 Fractional Order Proportional Integral Derivative Sliding Mode Controller for Trajectory Tracking of Robotic Manipulators Ahmad Taher Azar, Fernando E. Serrano and Anis Koubaa
17:36-17:48 Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Force Control of Robotic Manipulators with Parametric Uncertainties and Time-Varying Loads Ahmad Taher Azar, Fernando E. Serrano and Anis Koubaa
Zoom Party
April 16, 2020
Keynote Speaker: Jan Peters
[Chair: Nuno Lau]
Coffee Break
Session 7: Navigation / Planning
[Chair: Lino Marques]
9:15-9:27 Fast Grid SLAM Based on Particle Filter with Scan Matching and Multithreading Eurico Pedrosa, Artur Pereira and Nuno Lau
9:27-9:39 Reinforcement Learning in Navigation and Cooperative Mapping José Aleixo Cruz, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Luís Paulo Reis and Armando Sousa
9:39-9:51 Improving Local Motion Planning with a Reinforcement Learning Approach Luís Garrote, Diogo Temporão, Samuel Temporão, Ricardo Pereira, Tiago Barros and Urbano J. Nunes
9:51-10:03 A Remote RGB-D VSLAM Solution for Low Computational Powered Robots João Alves and Alexandre Bernardino
10:03-10:15 Multi-domain Mapping for Offshore Asset Inspection using an Autonomous Surface Vehicle Daniel Filipe Campos, Aníbal Matos and Andry Maykol Pinto
10:15-10:27 2D Visual Servoing meets Rapidly-exploring Random Trees for collision avoidance Miguel Nascimento, Pedro Vicente and Alexandre Bernardino
Coffee Break
Session 8: Legged Robots
[Chair: Manuel F. Silva]
10:45-10:57 A Robust Model-Based Biped Locomotion Framework Based on Three-Mass Model: From Planning to Control Mohammadreza Kasaei, Ali Ahmadi, Nuno Lau and Artur Pereira
10:57-11:09 Humanoid Control Module: An Abstraction Layer for Humanoid Robots Marc Bestmann and Jianwei Zhang
11:09-11:21 Markerless Gait Analysis Vision System for Real-time Gait Monitoring João André, João Lopes, Manuel Palermo, Diogo Gonçalves, Ana Matias, Fátima Pereira, José Afonso, Eurico Seabra, João Cerqueira and Cristina Santos
11:21-11:33 Robotic Imitation by Markerless Visual Observation and Semantic Associations Raphael Memmesheimer, Ivanna Kramer, Viktor Seib, Nick Theisen and Dietrich Paulus
11:33-11:45 Charlotte: Low-cost Open-source Semi-Autonomous Quadruped Robot Facundo García-Cárdenas, Nelson Soberón, Oscar E. Ramos and Ruth Canahuire
Session 9: Competitions
[Chair: Pedro Lima]
13:00-13:12 An Industry 4.0 Approach for the Robot@Factory Lite Competition José Lima, Vitor Oliveira, Thadeu Brito, José Gonçalves, Vítor H. Pinto, Paulo Costa and Cesar Torrico
13:12-13:24 Potential Grasp Robustness for underactuated hands: New heuristics and uncertainty considerations Luís Almeida and Plinio Moreno
13:24-13:36 A Micromouse Scanning and Planning Algorithm based on Modified Floodfill Methodology with Optimization Pedro Zawadniak, Luis Piardi, Thadeu Brito, José Lima, Pedro Costa, André L. R. Monteiro, Paulo Costa and Ana I. Pereira
13:36-13:48 Omnidirectional robot modeling and simulation Sandro A. Magalhães, António Paulo Moreira and Paulo Costa
Coffee Break
Session 10: Vision / Sensor Fusion
[Chair: Vitor Santos]
14:00-14:12 Automatic Registration of IR and RGB Cameras using a Target detected with Deep Learning Daniela Rato and Vítor Santos
14:12-14:24 Evolution of Odometry Calibration Methods for Ground Mobile Robots Ricardo B. Sousa, Marcelo R. Petry and António Paulo Moreira
14:24-14:36 People Detection by Mobile Robots Doing Automatic Guard Patrols Roman Prykhodchenko, Rui P. Rocha and Micael S. Couceiro
14:36-14:48 Monocular Camera Calibration for Autonomous Driving - a comparative study Pedro Filipe Martins, Hugo Costelha, Luis Conde Bento and Carlos Neves
14:48-15:00 CNN-based Human Detection Using a 3D LiDAR onboard a UAV Jack N. C. Hayton, Tiago Barros, Cristiano Premebida, Matthew J. Coombes and Urbano J. Nunes
Coffee Break
Session 11: Multiagent
[Chair: José Cascalho]
15:15-15:27 Central Place Foraging: Delivery Lanes, Recruitment and Site Fidelity Jason T. Isaacs, Nicholas Dolan-Stern, Mark Getzinger, Ethan Warner, Alberto Venegas and Adan Sanchez
15:27-15:39 Multi-agent approach to foster regular physical activity in elderly users Paulo Menezes and Rui P. Rocha
15:39-15:51 Towards a Cooperative Robotic Platooning Testbed Enio Vasconcelos Filho, Nuno Guedes, Bruno Vieira, Miguel Mestre, Ricardo Severino, Bruno Gonçalves, Anis Koubaa and Eduardo Tovar
15:51-16:03 Natural Data-driven Approaching Behaviors of Humanoid Mobile Robots for F-Formations Rui Livramento, João Avelino and Plinio Moreno
Closing Session and Award Cerimony