Session 1: Assistive Robotics

Protected: An Inertial Data-Based Upper Body Posture Recognition Tool: A Machine Learning Study Approach
Protected: Assist-as-needed Impedance Control Strategy for a Wearable Ankle Robotic Orthosis
Protected: Design and technical validation of a wearable biofeedback system for robotic gait rehabilitation
Protected: AI-based Reference Ankle Joint Torque Trajectory Generation for Robotic Gait Assistance: First Steps
Protected: A Modular Framework to Facilitate the Control of an Assistive Robotic Arm Using Visual Servoing and Proximity Sensing

Session 2: Multiagent / Learning

Protected: Humanoid Robot Kick in Motion Ability for Playing Robotic Soccer
Protected: Competitive Deep Reinforcement Learning over a Pokémon Battling Simulator
Protected: Strategy Planner: Enhancements to support better defense and pass strategies within an LfD approach
Protected: Multi-Agent Optimization for Offshore Wind Farm Inspection using an Improved Population-based Metaheuristic
Protected: Path Planning for ground robots in agriculture: a short review

Session 3: Classification

Protected: Deep-Learning based Global and Semantic Feature Fusion for Indoor Scene Classification
Protected: Detection of Data Matrix Encoded Landmarks in Unstructured Environments using Deep Learning
Protected: Fashion Landmark Detection and Category Classification for Robotics
Protected: Performance Analysis on Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation with multivariate Training Procedures
Protected: Real-Time 3D Door Detection and Classification on a Low-Power Device

Session 4: Industrial Robotics

Protected: A Hybrid Framework for Uncertainty-Aware Depth Prediction in the Underwater Environment
Protected: Enhanced Performance Real-Time Industrial Robot Programming by Demonstration using Stereoscopic Vision and an IMU sensor (VP)
Protected: Enhanced Performance Real-Time Industrial Robot Programming by Demonstration using Stereoscopic Vision and an IMU sensor (AA)
Protected: Supporting the Design, Commissioning and Supervision of Smart Factory Components through their Digital Twin
Protected: Multi-Layered Multi-Robot Control Architecture for the Robocup Logistics League
Protected: GEOMOVE: Detached AGVs for Cooperative Transportation of Large and Heavy Loads in the Aeronautic Industry

Session 5: Interaction

Protected: Towards long term acceptance of Socially Assistive Robots in retirement houses: use case definition
Protected: Human-aware Robot Navigation based on Time-dependent Social Interaction Spaces: a use case for assistive robotics
Protected: Overcoming Data Scarcity in Speaker Identification: Dataset Augmentation with Synthetic MFCCs via Character-level RNN
Protected: Spoken language understanding for social robotics
Protected: Driverless Wheelchair for Patient’s On-Demand Transportation in Hospital Environment
Protected: Controller for Real and Simulated Wheelchair With a Multimodal Interface Using Gazebo and ROS

Session 6: Learning / Control

Protected: Parameterized Wavelets for Convolutional Neural Networks
Protected: Multimodal Deep-Learning for Object Recognition Combining Camera and LIDAR Data
Protected: Adaptive Fuzzy Type-2 Fractional Order Proportional Integral Derivative Sliding Mode Controller for Trajectory Tracking of Robotic Manipulators
Protected: Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Force Control of Robotic Manipulators with Parametric Uncertainties and Time-Varying Loads

Session 7: Navigation / Planning

Protected: Fast Grid SLAM Based on Particle Filter with Scan Matching and Multithreading
Protected: Reinforcement Learning in Navigation and Cooperative Mapping
Protected: Improving Local Motion Planning with a Reinforcement Learning Approach
Protected: A Remote RGB-D VSLAM Solution for Low Computational Powered Robots
Protected: Multi-domain Mapping for Offshore Asset Inspection using an Autonomous Surface Vehicle
Protected: 2D Visual Servoing meets Rapidly-exploring Random Trees for collision avoidance

Session 8: Legged Robots

Protected: A Robust Model-Based Biped Locomotion Framework Based on Three-Mass Model: From Planning to Control
Protected: Humanoid Control Module: An Abstraction Layer for Humanoid Robots
Protected: Markerless Gait Analysis Vision System for Real-time Gait Monitoring
Protected: Robotic Imitation by Markerless Visual Observation and Semantic Associations
Protected: Charlotte: Low-cost Open-source Semi-Autonomous Quadruped Robot

Session 9: Competitions

Protected: An Industry 4.0 Approach for the Robot@Factory Lite Competition
Protected: Potential Grasp Robustness for underactuated hands: New heuristics and uncertainty considerations
Protected: A Micromouse Scanning and Planning Algorithm based on Modified Floodfill Methodology with Optimization
Protected: Omnidirectional robot modeling and simulation

Session 10: Vision / Sensor Fusion

Protected: Automatic Registration of IR and RGB Cameras using a Target detected with Deep Learning
Protected: Evolution of Odometry Calibration Methods for Ground Mobile Robots
Protected: People Detection by Mobile Robots Doing Automatic Guard Patrols
Protected: Monocular Camera Calibration for Autonomous Driving – a comparative study
Protected: CNN-based Human Detection Using a 3D LiDAR onboard a UAV

Session 11: Multiagent

Protected: Central Place Foraging: Delivery Lanes, Recruitment and Site Fidelity
Protected: Multi-agent approach to foster regular physical activity in elderly users
Protected: Towards a Cooperative Robotic Platooning Testbed
Protected: Natural Data-driven Approaching Behaviors of Humanoid Mobile Robots for F-Formations